Hokie Camp BABY!!!

For everyone planning to come to VT in the future I would highly recommend coming to HOKIE CAMP!!!  I mean there’s great camp counselors, ridiculously cool incoming freshmen, and fun activities.  Straight up… you need to come.  And for all those that said that they didn’t want to come because “it’s probably gonna be lame”, “i don’t wanna spend the money, it’s not worth it”, well YOU WERE VERY, VERY WRONG!!! SORRY YOU MISSED OUT. PEACE!!!

Zac Evans


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One response to “Hokie Camp BABY!!!

  1. Temeka Lewis

    Hokie Camp was amazing and I agree with Zac 110% that if u didnt come because u thought it was lame…etc then u missed out on one of the best opportunities to bond and truly become a HOKIE before attending classes…the bond that we will all share will always be there and the lessons that we learned while we were there will help us tremendously throughout our journey as freshmen at VT!! so if u ever get the chance to attend Hokie Camp dont second guess it sign up and u will have an amazing experience..!! GO GRAY! 🙂

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